Everything you want in a career

At our 450 UK stores we offer our customers more perks, flexibility, knowhow and added value services.

We surprise. We delight. We open up new possibilities.

We get to know our customers and show them how their mobiles can improve their lives. It’s what we love to do.

We put our customers at the centre of our world.

You’re someone who loves what technology can do and personalising it to make people’s mobiles as unique as they are. Surprising our customers with what their mobiles can do, you’ll make the most technically advanced of products seem simple. You’ll guide those who find new tech a bit baffling and difficult to get to grips with. You’ll solve their tech problems. And you’ll keep our customers coming back for more.

Getting your hands on new gadgets before anyone else at our Guru forums, you’ll showcase our magical products and services. You’ll help your teammates keep pace with the latest tech. And you could even find yourself appearing on O2 Guru TV.

Providing a service that goes way beyond the norm, you’ll make strong connections with our customers. You’ll listen. You’ll understand. You’ll match products to different needs. Your passion for the mobile world will excite our customers. And put smiles on the faces of everyone who walks through the door.

Someone who gets on well with everyone you meet, you'll enjoy being part of a close-knit team that likes to have fun. You'll love learning all about the latest tech and showing our customers what it can really do.

Keeping everything fun and relaxed the way it should be, you'll do more than run your store. As a Retail Store Manager or Retail Store Assistant Manager, you'll make sure your team loves what they do. And you’ll spend more time with your customers to help them look at their mobiles in a whole new way.

Your energy and enthusiasm will rub off on everyone. And you’ll get a real kick out of keeping your team motivated and helping them be the best they can be. You’ll act bold. You’ll be adventurous. You’ll put our customers at the heart of everything you do to deliver a retail experience like no other.

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