There’s much more to finance than balancing the books

Big decisions don’t get the go-ahead without the nod from finance. We partner with all of our teams and pull together lots of different business areas to keep O2 firing on all cylinders. We’re the trusted advisors who make sure we make the right decisions when it comes to spending, investment and innovation. 

We create pioneering systems and processes. We bring international initiatives to life. We strategize our socks off. And we analyse, interrogate and make sense of all kinds of business info. Together we play a big part in exciting our customers and making every experience special.

Our teams include:

  • Commissions - manage payments to our partners and sales teams
  • Credit & Risk – manage the financial risks when we take on new customers
  • Finance Operations Strategy – shape and deliver strategies to make sure we’ve the best systems and processes
  • Payment & Collections – look after all customer payments and collections
  • Revenue Assurance - make sure our revenues and costs are complete and on the money.

We’re at the heart of O2 and everything we do. Sponsorship deals with England Rugby and The O2, the world's favourite venue. The nuts & bolts numbers for our super-fast 4G network rollout. Investments in the latest research, tech and innovations. We make sure we deliver more for our customers - for less.

Typical roles

All kinds of opportunities from entry level to senior leaders and strategic directors. Analysts. Accountants. Credit, payments and collections people and more.

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