Life is a series of moments. They’re here. Then they’re gone.

There are moments of achievement that define who you are. Moments of fearlessness that drive you to make big decisions. Moments of unity that help you play your part in shaping the world of work around you. It’s time to make the most of them. It’s time to live in the moment. It’s time to join O2.

On our Graduate Programme, you’ll experience development, responsibility and a future full of possibilities. You’ll feel well looked after. And you’ll enjoy great perks and be part of a team where doing the right thing is a way of life.

Whether you join us as an apprentice or a graduate, you’ll be the face of change and learn to be more than a future business leader. You’ll grow. You’ll innovate. You’ll be bold. You’ll soak up new experiences like a sponge. And your ideas will be used to shape the future and improve the lives of our customers. It won’t always be easy. But if you’re up for the challenge, you’ll love every minute. And we’ll support you every step of the way.

We’ve lots of different routes you can take. Finance. Technical. Data & Analytics. Graduate Leadership. Stores Leadership. And lots of different teams you can join. Marketing. Tesco Mobile. Sales. Operations. Human Resources. Giffgaff. General Counsel. Digital UK. Finance and Professional Services. The list goes on.

But whatever direction you want to take your career… the right moment is right now.