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TTech_Head of Software

Fecha: 03-ene-2022

Ubicación: MADRID, ES

Empresa: Telefonica S.A.



We are a team of professionals, a global family of experts who are dedicated to ensuring that 5.5 million companies, from the largest to the smallest, can focus on their business, leaving everything else in the hands of a reliable technology partner. 

We attach importance to technology and the passion for it, but also to talent and human quality. We work as a team to grow as professionals, but also as people. Because without people, companies would not exist Innovation and continuous learning are our pillars. 

We look for new ways of doing things, crazy ideas, experimenting and having fun. We are looking for people with initiative, fresh ideas and enthusiastic about what they do.




The TCCT CTO is a unit devoted to build, deploy and operate in-house software products & services. Our mission is to create value for the company by means of building our own technology (from scratch or on top of open-source technology), or by adding value to a 3rd-party technology.

We are part of the whole construction process, from the inception to the release of the different versions of services.

We are a customer obsessed unit, and it is the main reason because we raise the bar of the quality standards to deliver the highest quality products. Such thing is impossible to get without focusing on ensure deliver our systems and applications with stability, reliability and good performance at all times.

We are looking for a Head of Software to lead the development of our Cloud products & services with which we will help our clients to transform their businesses easily giving them the opportunity to make the most of the advantages of Cloud environments.

Would you want to be part of a tech-family made up of talented people that works in a hobby? A team that allows you to enjoy the work and in which you can trust and feel supported? Would you want to have the chance to participate in the construction of products & services that are used for thousands of people and companies? Would you want to be part of the history of a new brand company that is a reference in the Cybersecurity & Cloud ground?



If you understand the Software Development Process, if you are interested in working close to the SRE team in deployment and network operations, if you have experience in modelling, automating and performance and tunning systems, then you are the candidate!




Team Leadership / People Management:


  • To be the responsible of the technical implementaion and quality of the developed products and solutions. He or she has to get an alignement with the company strategy and to ensure that
  • products are delivered on time and budget. He or she has to coordinate the different teams to find synergies among our different products.
  • To create a culture where people identify software development with art creation, quality and excellence and they feel themselves proud and motivated with they do.
  • To lead and manage several teams of software developers, what include: technical recruitment, appraisals, 1-2-1 meetings, identifying training needs, motivating and performance managing the team. He or she must help people to ellaborate their individual development plans and coach them to help them in their growth become them more excellence.
  • To drive the technical strategy of our products taking decissions such as what doing in-house or whar buy, which methodologies to use, establish a technology plan bearing in mind the coexistence of new an legacy technologies.
  • To create a plan for team growth considering the skills required and participating in the recruitment to atract the best talent that must fit at the same time with a software passionated culture.


Software Development:


  • To understand the E2E building of our products, fostering the Devops culture and Continuous Delivery to get our products being in a deployable status whenever possible.
  • To drive the adoption of the best software practices in our products.
  • To keep up to date with the latest software development technologies and methodologies. He or she must be a lover of self-development.
  • To participate in the design the big-picture of our main products and systems, participating in architecture and code reviews and being able to code part of them if necessary.
  • To foster the development of trasversal components or reusable core code libraries to get better efficiency throughout the team.
  • To drive innovation with new ideas and options made available by new technologies.


Problem Solving:


  • To take control over critical risks on the development or critical problems in production, making decissions to solve them and conducting the correct escalation if necessary to resolve them asap.
  • Ability to assume the technical Leadership, driving the technical solution resolving conflicting requirements and amibiguities.




  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, a related technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Senior level Technical lead with solid experience and strong sofware developer background (+10 years of industry experience with at least one general purpose programming language, including but not limited to: Go, Java, C++, Python, Javascript, C#)
  • Proven experience in full software development lifecycle from design to deployment.
  • Proven experience of leading large-size teams of software engineers.
  • Proven experience on building and deploying complex systems or enterprise applications.
  • Experience with a wide variety of technologies and systems related with Telco-Networks and Telco-Clouds is a Bonus.
  • Deep Knowledge on designing Solution Architectures.
  • Deep knowledge on good Software Development practices and Programming Languages.
  • Strong knowledge of DevOps technologies and processes.
  • Excellent Initiative and analysis skills to be able to generate the big-picture view.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken Spanish.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English.
  • Communication skills including the ability to explain complex technical information to technical and non-technical contacts.
  • Interpersonal skills. Ability to build relationships, promotes a collaborative and team environment, and influences others.
  • Ability to assume the technical Leadership, driving the technical solution resolving conflicting requirements and amibiguities.


When you join Telefónica


You join almost 100 years of history, a team of 106 nationalities present in more than 35 countries. You join a team that works to connect people wherever they are, without borders. A team that is leading the digital revolution with the illusion of the first day in all our businesses, creating the best digital ecosystem for our customers: Network, IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Innovation etc. In Telefónica you have everything you need to create the best version of yourself. We need people like you who join this great challenge, who want to create tomorrow's Telefónica.

At Telefónica we are committed to new ways of working and are leaders in the implementation of Digital Disconnect under the principle "Disconnect to Reconnect".




We are convinced that diverse and inclusive equipment is more innovative, transformative and achieves better results. That is why we promote and guarantee the inclusion of all people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, culture, disability or any other personal condition.