Product Manager - Open Gateway Project

Fecha: 6 jun. 2024

Ubicación: MADRID, ES

Empresa: Telefonica S.A.




Open Gateway (OGW) is a GSMA-led telco industry initiative that aims to transform communications networks into APIfied platforms. This enables open telco capabilities in an interoperable, intuitive, and programmable way. 

These capabilities are exposed through global, standardized APIs under the framework of CAMARA, the open-source project led by the Linux Foundation in collaboration with the GSMA. 


Integrating telco capabilities opens an infinite world of possibilities for digital service providers: better experiences during games and concerts in stadiums, better experiences in online games, autonomous drone control, more secure financial services or telesurgery with XR. These are use cases based on an initial family of Telco APIs already available to drive new experiences in areas with great potential such as optimizing connectivity, communications, security in financial services, as well as privacy and security in general. 
Join the Open Gateway Product & Strategy team at Telefónica and play a crucial role in building the future of the telco industry! 




The availability of APIfied and standardized network capabilities for the telco sector facilitates the discovery, innovation and development of new use cases and digital services. The possibilities are endless. It is therefore necessary to be close to the different sectors of economic activity to understand the requirements and needs to be resolved so that the available APIs accurately address those needs.


We are looking for a product manager profile passionate about creating seamless digital experiences through innovative API services within the Enriched & Traditional API Open Gateway product team. The candidate shall bring a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to the table. With a proven track record of delivering impactful solutions that drive business growth, the candidate thrives in dynamic environments where collaboration and innovation are valued.



The main duties of the candidate (OGW Product Manager) involve overseeing the entire lifecycle of an API product, from its conception to its retirement. Here's a breakdown of the expected responsibilities:

  • Product Strategy Development: Define the overall strategy for the API product in alignment with business goals, market needs, and technological capabilities.
  • Market Research and Analysis: Conduct market research to identify user needs, market trends, and competitors. Analyse data to make informed decisions about the direction of the API product.
  • Requirements Gathering and Prioritization: Work closely with stakeholders, including developers, customers, and internal teams, to gather requirements and prioritize features and enhancements.
  • Roadmap Planning: Develop and maintain a roadmap for the API product, outlining the timeline for feature releases and updates based on business priorities and market demands.
  • API Design and Documentation: Collaborate with engineering teams to design APIs that are intuitive, scalable, and easy to use (ideally, with a single line of code). Create comprehensive documentation to guide developers in integrating and using the API.
  • Developer Relations: Cultivate relationships with developers and API users by providing support, gathering feedback, and fostering a community around the API product.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Ensure the quality and reliability of the API product through rigorous testing and monitoring. Address any issues or bugs that arise promptly.
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization: Continuously monitor the performance of the API product, including uptime, latency, and usage metrics. Identify opportunities for optimization and efficiency improvements.
  • Security and Compliance: Implement security best practices to protect data and prevent unauthorized access to the API. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Work closely with Go-to-Market teams for the construction of marketing strategies to increase awareness and adoption of the API product. Support the creation of promotional materials, such as developer guides, case studies, and demos.
  • Revenue Generation: Explore opportunities for monetizing the API product, such as through subscription models, usage-based pricing, or partnerships.
  • Feedback Analysis and Iteration: Gather feedback from users and stakeholders and use it to iterate on the API product. Continuously improve its functionality, usability, and overall user experience.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, both global and local, including engineering, sales, marketing, and customer support, to ensure the success of the API product and its alignment with organizational goals.
  • Risk Management: Identify and mitigate risks associated with the API product, such as security vulnerabilities, privacy/regulatory alignment, technical debt, or changes in market dynamics.
  • Documentation and Training: Provide training and educational resources to help developers effectively use the API product. Maintain up-to-date documentation to support integration and troubleshooting.

By effectively managing these duties, an API product manager plays a crucial role in driving the success and adoption of the API product within the organization and the broader developer community.




We work with many building blocks yet to be commercially massive.

The candidate needs to have fast comprehensive skills to structure complex problems that are new for all and help guide the vision with many moving blocks.

We are moving in an environment that combines business and technology, the candidate shall be prepared to understand and adapt to both languages.

Due to the pushing deadlines, the candidate must have an executive mindset.



Preferably MSc/BSc degree in Business Administration, Product Marketing, Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering or Industrial Engineering.




  • API Product Development: Crafting comprehensive API strategies aligned with business objectives, ensuring scalability, security, and usability.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Guiding products from conception to launch and beyond, employing agile methodologies to adapt to evolving market demands.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Building strong relationships with cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration between engineering, design, marketing, and sales.
  • Market Analysis: Conducting thorough market research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities and drive product differentiation.
  • User-Centric Design: Advocating for user needs and preferences, leveraging feedback and data insights to enhance user experiences.
  • Technical Proficiency is a plus: Deep understanding of RESTful APIs, GraphQL, JSON, and other relevant technologies, facilitating effective communication with development teams (both internal and external).




  • Excellent communication skills with senior executives and engineers, adapting the language when necessary.
  • Well-structured way of thinking and reporting.
  • Driven to action & commitment to short deadlines.
  • Can manage uncertainty and can navigate the unknown
  • Implements and manages agile way of working.
  • Resilient - not always everything ends as expected!
  • Driven, self-motivated, results oriented.
  • Team player, you will not walk alone.




The ideal candidate shall bring 4+ years background and experience in different topics:


  • Led the development or had a deep involvement in the creation of API solutions for diverse industries, including e-commerce, finance, and marketing, enabling seamless integration and data exchange.
  • Experience building, from the product perspective, telco-based digital services.
  • Collaborated closely with engineering teams to prioritize feature development, address technical challenges, and ensure timely delivery of high-quality products.
  • Successfully launched API services that generated significant revenue streams and increased customer satisfaction, driving user adoption and retention.
  • Implemented robust analytics frameworks to track API usage metrics, providing valuable insights for product optimization and business decision-making.
  • Served as a trusted advisor to executive leadership, presenting strategic recommendations and roadmaps to drive product innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Knowledge of Telefonica’s Kernel platform is a plus.




Fluent in Spanish and English; proficiency in Portuguese is also appreciated




The vacancy can be developed in Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Boecillo and Huesca


If you join us, we offer you...
•    Work in a dynamic team and be part of challenging projects that will allow you to play a leading role in the transformation of the company.
•    An interesting package of social benefits (luncheon vouchers, health, life and accident insurance, pension plan, flexible compensation plan...).
•    A flexible working environment with hybrid models of face-to-face and telecommuting.
•    Access to a wide range of continuous learning opportunities for you to grow with us.
•    Participate in volunteering programmes, social actions, international mobility, off-site...






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