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Cybersecurity Product Manager TECH Germany

Fecha: 20-feb-2021

Ubicación: MÜNCHEN, BY, DE

Empresa: Telefónica S.A.



We like to describe ourselves as a start-up because we are an open-minded and agile team, but we are also part of one of the world's leading telcos. Summarizing... in this sense, we have the best of both worlds.


In addition to relying on the best cybersecurity and strategic partners, we create and develop our own products, so innovation is one of our pillars. We're looking for new ways to do things, crazy ideas, experiment and have fun. So, as you can imagine, we are looking for people with initiative, fresh ideas and enthusiasts with what they do, they're in whatever department they are in.


We attach importance to technology and passion for it, but also to talent and human quality. We work as a team to grow as professionals, but also as people. Because without people, companies wouldn't exist. These are built on relationships, and as in any relationship, trust is basic. Therefore, Telefónica Tech was born from the beginning with values that are now more than ever basic, such as the flexibility and responsibility of each, also relying on increasingly flat structures, where each can develop and exploit to the fullest its potential.


If we are anything in Telefónica Tech we are lifelong learners, we understand that we are in a changing world, where we cannot fail to evolve. To do this, we have continuous training, with an academy with our own courses, helping each other to understand what the next one does and why, but also with webinars, events, third-party certifications, and all the new forms of learning that you can think of.


In addition, we are an international company, in which diversity is inherent, and this allows us to be in contact with different people in many ways, which we consider one of the best ways to grow. Also, we try to help as much as possible, and that is why we engage in social actions, both at the company and individual level, in which we contribute at least a little bit of who we are to those who need it most. 





In Telefonica Tech we believe the digital business of our customers deserves to live in a framework where the information exchange, the assets and transactions can be done safely and effectively wihtout any threats. With that in mind we develop our own solutions and partner with top technology providers to bring this environment to live. We sell communication and security solutions tailored for our customers and the business challenges of ther digital lives. 


Today we are exposed to increasingly more sophisticated and frequent attacks that can compromise the success of an organization’s business and reputation, as well as privacy and trust. We need to be more and more receptive to cybersecurity measures and redefine our strategy to focus on cyber-resilience. In Cybersecurity we believe that a safer digital world is possible. We support our customers with their digital transformation, creating disruptive innovation in cybersecurity in order to provide the necessary privacy and trust in our daily digital lives.


In Cybersecurity we believe that a safer digital world is possible. We support our customers with their digital transformation, creating disruptive innovation in cybersecurity in order to provide the necessary privacy and trust in our daily digital lives. When the time came to create our team, we chose professionals who shared our three main defining characteristics: passion for our work, eagerness to redefine the sector and its solutions, and our experience and knowledge in various security areas.





¿What are your Objectives?

  • Define & develop commercially successful information security products and services in the B2B and B2C segments to be commercialized directly or by our channel partners.
  • Manage the product marketing process, from market strategy through to product definition, business plan and launch, according to the global operating model for digital services.
  • Lead products' life-cycle from Elevenpats towards Channels (OBs and Partners)


¿What are your Responsibilities?

  • Define & develop the business value proposition and market strategy of information security services for B2B and B2C segments, elaborating their definition, scope & business plan in order to capture market the opportunity in an accelerated manner.
  • Specify and document the commercial and functional specifications of the services to offer (marketing mix). Produce commercial documents, product collateral and presentations
  • Orchestrate the end to end service model in the most effective and efficient approach leveraging Telefonica capabilities and resources.
  • Work closely with the OBs to ensure local requirements are considered  if applicable in Global products and services.
  • Gain buy-in for global products from OBs and commitment for OB business plans and product roadmaps and ensure local commercial resources for the product launch.
  • A strong focus on customer insight, collaborating with the Global Security teams and local OB teams to identify market opportunities and get a better customer understanding.
  • Support global marketing & PR activities.
  • Follow the latest industry developments and technological innovations.
  • Perform ongoing competitive and market analysis to ensure our products are leading-edge, market positioning and identify new opportunities.
  • Responsibility of Product and services roadmap




  • More than 5 years of experience as Cybersecurity Product Manager in an international environment
  • Knowledge of Telecommunications Operators processes and technologies.
  • A good strategic and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Having experience in working in a broader global organization and being able to get the balance right between the global agenda and the local operating business needs.
  • Identifying ways to solve product issues and problems.
  • Experience in working cross-border and with colleagues and companies from different cultures.
  • Experience of the Enterprise segment.


  • German, Native
  • English full professional proficiency
  • Spanish (desired, not mandatory)


When you join Telefónica

You join almost 100 years of history, a team of 106 nationalities present in more than 35 countries. You join a team that works to connect people wherever they are, without borders. A team that is leading the digital revolution with the illusion of the first day in all our businesses, creating the best digital ecosystem for our customers: Network, IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Innovation etc. In Telefónica you have everything you need to create the best version of yourself. We need people like you who join this great challenge, who want to create tomorrow's Telefónica.


At Telefónica we are committed to new ways of working and are leaders in the implementation of Digital Disconnect under the principle "Disconnect to Reconnect".



We are convinced that diverse and inclusive equipment is more innovative, transformative and achieves better results. That is why we promote and guarantee the inclusion of all people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, culture, disability or any other personal condition.