Scientific Research Internships

Fecha: 14 may. 2023

Ubicación: BARCELONA, ES

Empresa: Telefonica S.A.

Telefonica Research is hiring interns!


Telefonica Research is a leading industrial research lab based in Spain. At Telefonica Research, we follow an open research model in collaboration with Universities and other research institutions, promoting the dissemination of scientific results both through publications in top-tier peer-reviewed international journals and conferences and technology transfer. Our multi-disciplinary and international team counts several full-time researchers, holding PhD degrees in various disciplines of computer science and electrical engineering.


We are seeking candidates for internship positions (both PhD and Master student level) to strengthen and complement our efforts in the areas we currently work on:

                - Distributed Systems and Networks

                - Network Measurements and Analytics

                - Reinforcement Learning

                - Federated Learning and Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

                - Web and Algorithmic Transparency and Accountability, Data Leakage and Network Economy

                - Security and Privacy

                - Security and Privacy of Cloud Computing

                - Human-Computer Interaction

                - Speech and Natural Language Processing and Dialogue

                - Information Retrieval

                - Edge Computing

                - Software Defined Networking and Programmable Dataplanes

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