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Our graduates, interns, apprentices and working students that make up our Talentum programme are the people who'll be transforming technology, transforming industries, and transforming society far into the future. We offer remarkable opportunities to grow and develop rapidly and change people's lives for the better.

Our graduate programme is designed to take bright, creative, tech-literate students and shape them into business leaders.

Our internships offer an unforgettable experience that can open up endless possibilities for the future.

Our apprenticeship programmes contain a unique mix of formal courses, internal face-to-face learning, and exciting on the job coaching.

And finally, we offer work experience placements to school and college students who have a love of technology and heads full of ideas.

Whichever part of the programme you join, you'll be part of the new generation that is helping us transform the digital world.

Title Location Date Sort descending
MADRID, ES 22-Apr-2017 0.00 km MADRID-Head-of-PMO-EMEAA
MADRID, ES 22-Apr-2017
GIT_ HCM Domain Project Management - Analyst
MADRID, ES 21-Apr-2017 0.00 km MADRID-GIT_-HCM-Domain-Project-Management-Analyst
MADRID, ES 21-Apr-2017
Senior Sales Manager (m/w)
MÜNCHEN, DE 20-Apr-2017 0.00 km M%C3%9CNCHEN-Senior-Sales-Manager-%28mw%29
MÜNCHEN, DE 20-Apr-2017
Telefónica Next: Senior Product Manager (m/w) Berlin or Munich
BERLIN, DE 19-Apr-2017 0.00 km BERLIN-Telef%C3%B3nica-Next-Senior-Product-Manager-%28mw%29-Berlin
BERLIN, DE 19-Apr-2017
Security and Compliance Engineer
SAN FRANCISCO, US 18-Apr-2017 0.00 km CA SAN-FRANCISCO-Security-and-Compliance-Engineer-CA-94101
Developer Evangelist
SAN FRANCISCO, US 18-Apr-2017 0.00 km CA SAN-FRANCISCO-Developer-Evangelist-CA-94101
Deploy Data Scientist
MADRID, ES 17-Apr-2017 0.00 km MADRID-Deploy-Data-Scientist
MADRID, ES 17-Apr-2017
Financial Accountant
LONDON, GB 07-Apr-2017 0.00 km LONDON-Financial-Accountant
LONDON, GB 07-Apr-2017
Global Solution Engineer
NEW YORK, US 30-Mar-2017 0.00 km NEW-YORK-Global-Solution-Engineer
NEW YORK, US 30-Mar-2017