Our Culture

Do more, be more

Our culture in Telefónica:

Telefónica is characterized by almost one hundred years of history. Founded in Spain in 1928, we are now present in more than 21 countries and growing. Our professionalism and financial sustainability mean that over 300 million customers trust us worldwide.

Our culture is shaped by the different traditions, languages, cultures, values and regulations in each of the countries in which we operate. Therefore in Telefonica we define ourselves as a multi-domestic company rather than a multinational company. We are both global and local and strongly rooted in the countries in which we operate.

Telefónica has from its early beginnings pioneered technological advances. Today it is the very heart of world digitalisation and paving the way towards the digital economy.

In addition our corporate culture is determined by our vision, our values and our principles.

Our vision

For us life is already digital and technology is an essential part of our human existence. We want to create, protect and increase the connections we all value so that people can choose a world of infinite possibilities. We aspire to become an On-Life Telco, a Telco for people empowering them to make decisions and choose how to improve their lives.

Our Values:

Over the years Telefónica has evolved and adapted, embracing new technologies and the needs of our customers.

Telefónica and its brands (Movistar, Vivo y O2) are built around three core values which drive us to be a trusted, bold and open company, where our customers are always in the centre.

Trusted, because we have the best network to provide our customers with the security and reliability they demand. We commit to excellence in execution, focusing on detail and delivery to the highest quality for all our customers. If it is good for our customers, it is good for us.

Bold, we go the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations. We are innovative through the creation of new valuable and beneficial solutions. Our Customers set our goals.

Open, within our company, we work in an open and collaborative way with each other. We listen to and respect each other and together create empathy and understanding. We like to be thoughtful and clear on everything.

Our Operational Principles or Code of Ethics:

Since 2006, Telefónica Group has a Code of Ethics named Operational Principles, applicable to all companies within the Group. It was approved by our Board of Management and ratified by the Board of Management of each subsidiary of the group. Likewise, all updates are also approved by this Board.

This Code of Ethics is structured into four core principles (honesty and trust, respect for the law, integrity and respect for human rights) that are translated into the demands of our customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees and society in general. Basing on these Principles, Telefónica has drawn up a normative, management and monitoring system to ensure compliance.

Other aspects of our culture.

Our determination of having always the best professionals drives us to create and support entrepreneurship ecosystems both inside and outside our company to attract and retain talent.

We have a strong commitment to our internal talent providing all-round personal development in places such as our own Universitas Campus located in Roca del Vallés, Barcelona. We also foster external talent by supporting entrepreneurs with tools to accelerate their business so that we can identify innovative products that update and improve our value proposition for the customers of Telefónica.

We help to create a better world with initiatives like Proniño Fundación Telefónica, which contributes to eliminate child labour in Latin America, or ThinkBig in Europe, which inspires, supports and empowers young people to gain experience and develop skills that may allow them to make a difference within the current digital world.

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